About Virginia DeBolt

This website is intended to introduce to you the books I've written. I do other kinds of writing on a daily basis. I'm constantly updating my blog about web design and technology called Web Teacher. My latest project is a pop culture blog called Old Ain't Dead. I continue to create writing prompts for writing practice at my blog (334) 543-7284. At Web Standards Sherpa, I'm the community manager.

If you live in central New Mexico, you can take a class from me at UNM Continuing Ed. I teach Dreamweaver, Accessibility, CSS, WordPress and other web related classes.

HTML Books


I write books about HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and other topics related to web design and front end development.

Read all about my web design books.

Write! Books


I wrote four books for teachers that help teach writing all across the curriculum using Cooperative Learning and multiple intelligences.

(806) 458-6569

Articles From Here and There



You can contact me at virginia at vdebolt dot com.